Burying the Big Chair

The mischevious work of certain Swarthmore students was featured on the College's homepage

The campus awoke on April 1 to find the big chair buried.  Students, faculty, and administrators were astounded.  The Facilities Department apparently got a number of sympathetic emails from professors expressing disgust for the disrespectful students who dug a giant hole in Parrish Beach.

(Time-lapse video courtesy of A Bastian)


Igloo in Wharton Courtyard

With the record snow we’ve had this year, some friends and I decided to build an igloo in Wharton Courtyard.

Snowy Morning

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Walk through Philadelphia

I spent a day last week walking through University City, West Philadelphia, Fairmount Park, North Philadelphia, and South Street.  Some pictures:

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Winter Break

I’m now back on campus after a thoroughly relaxing winter break.  Highlights included spending time in the Sierra Nevada and San Bernardino National Forests, surfing and enjoying bonfires at the beach, and riding the new Silver Line and Gold Line Eastside Extension.


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Time lapse video of fog rolling into the Tule River Valley (Windows Media Player required, go to full post, right click video, and select Play/Pause to start):

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E90 Update – Trip to the Bus Yard

Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2

For my E90 senior engineering design project, I will be working on pollution reduction at the local school bus yard.  I enjoyed my first visit to the bus yard, and it was great to learn about some of the particulate filtration systems already in use.

No Idling Sign

Fall Colors

Fall foliage and sunsets from Swarthmore:

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The Star Wars Cantina Band