Last Update of the Night

T experiencing delays, dispatchers asking operators to hold connections and apologize to passengers for delays.

Route 8 is being diverted due to Boston Celtic Championship Celebrations. Boston Police have closed Brookline Ave. from Park Dr. to Beacon St.
Inbound Connections
can be made Brookine Ave and Park Dr..
Outbound Connections can be made at Kenmore Station.
6/18/2008 12:20 AM


EMS called for man who lacerated his arm by punching through vehicle window.

Officer yelling: “Foot pursuit!” [Dispatcher and other officers confused]

Outside fire, 1263 Tremont [police verify, report mostly boxes being burned in middle of street]

Possible Missing person, last seen in Waltham, reported at 267 Waverley in Belmont

Fire alarm, Broad and Water

Central Square (closest bars to me) has just been reported clear.  I’m going to sleep, though I’m sure the fun will continue…

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