Transit on Blueprint America

RTD Light Rail in Denver

RTD Light Rail and Transit Oriented Development in Denver

This week’s episode of NOW on PBS provided some great insights onto the reasons why the stimulus package won’t go the right way for transit.  The show focused mostly on the politics of transportation in North Carolina, including the successful push of Charlotte’s Republican mayor to build their new Lynx light rail line.  One of my favorite parts was the commentary that David King, head of the Research Triangle’s Regional Transit Service, offered on the frustrations of the last eight years:

“I do not believe the Bush Administration believed in the growth-shaping characteristics of transit.  So they were not looking forward; they were looking back.”

Watch the full episode below:

This episode was part of PBS’ series on infrastructure problems in the United States, Blueprint America.  One of the first shows in the series, Driven to Despair, did an excellent job showing the problems of and possible solutions to auto-dependency (something we’ve discussed at length in my Cities and Transporation Systems class at UPenn) in the Southern California communities of Hemet, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Pasadena.

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