Green Line Extension Moving Ahead

The Globe recently published an article about broad community support for the Green Line extension to Somerville.  Community members are still fighting about the details, with a less than ideal amount of NIMBYism, but the project is moving ahead.  It’s about time, as this project has been in the pipeline for a while.  I wish it had been in place this summer, since it would have greatly reduced my travel time to Grace Episcopal Church in Medford.  Unfortunately, it has taken a lawsuit filed by the cities of Somerville and Medford and work from groups like STEP to get the state and the MBTA to fulfill their Big Dig mitigation obligations.

More Urban Ring Discussion

My friends at No Free Transfer have posted some more thoughts about the Urban Ring:

I’m all for a new transit line. Hopefully, it will draw people away from their cars and onto public transit. But the Urban Ring is going to be Bus Rapid Transit (or as some mocking call it, “Barely Rapid Transit”). Since the Silver Line debuted in 2002, I’ve wary of the whole concept. I’m still not entirely sold on the idea of a bus being considered rapid transit.

The Last (Epic) Weekend

Roller Derby!

Roller Derby

My last weekend in Boston was great.  It involved a goodbye party with people from work, Mama Mia!, Stick It (the Bring it On of Gymnastics), an all nighter, pancakes, the baseball exhibit at the Museum of Science, a trip to Faneuil Hall, sailing, roller derby, my last Sunday at Grace Church, and almost 40 miles of walking.  It was a nice way to end my summer in Boston.

Jersey Fugitive Captured

The crazy Jersey arsonist accused murderer fugitive was captured last night.  On Dudley Street in Roxbury, near where I work.  Time to send him back to the Dirty Jerz…

Everett Blaze

Smoke from a scrapyard fire in Everett

There was a large fire at an Everett scrapyard on Sunday.  I saw the smoke plume driving back from Middlesex Fells and figured it must have been pretty bad.  Luckily nobody was hurt.

Fenway! (Again!)

I got a last minute ticket to the Red Sox game tonight.  It was an awesome game – I saw Manny hit a homerun over the Green Monster, the Sox rally from behind, and Papelbon get a save.




Green Jobs Hearing

I sat through a four hour long hearing on green jobs at the State House today.  It was slightly ironic that they were discussing energy auditing, green jobs, and renewable electricity while the temperature in the room on an 85 degree day was about 55 degrees.  The rally beforehand was cool.  And at least it didn’t go until 3:14 AM, like the unfortunate July 25th, 2006 Irvine City Council meeting.

state hearing

green jobs rally

Fishy Business

I had oyster and lobster for the first time tonight, at the Union Oyster House. It was kind of funky, but my aunt, uncle, and cousin can testify that I avoided making the faces my sister made in the Tokyo fish market. I like the Oyster House, especially more than Legal Sea Foods.

I absolutely hate Legal Sea Foods. I got sick after eating some of their clam chowder back in 2006. Their advertising campaigns are stupid. And now they’re threatening legal action against the MBTA for not running some disrespectful ads. I don’t think it is acceptable for Legal to run ads that say “This conductor has a face like a halibut.” It undermines riders’ respect of the system, it’s not funny, it’s not “fresh,” and I certainly agree with the T that it is a “demeaning and disparaging” advertisement. What’s really egregious is that Legal Sea Foods is trying to make this such a big issue. With interest, the T has $8.1 billion in debt. They certainly shouldn’t be using their strapped resources to deal with Legal’s legal threats.

So I will definitely not be visiting Legal Sea Foods in the event I ever want to try lobster or oysters again. I can only (spitefully) hope that the fish truck that flipped on the Masspike was theirs.