Sights of Southern Belize

In addition to my stays in Na Luûm Caj and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, I enjoyed a number of other highlights in Southern Belize. Hickatee Cottages, a solar-powered bed and breakfast outside of Punta Gorda, was a great place to spend my first night in the south. The owners were able to tell me about their experiences traveling the Americas by bus (including the Green Tortoise Bus Line), I enjoyed a refreshing bike rides and hikes at sunrise and sunset, and I had the chance to participate in a Howler Monkey tracking project.

Another highlight of Southern Belize was the number of interesting bus stops. When I wrote about investigating the architecture and urban form surrounding bus stops in my Watson proposal, I couldn’t even imagine some of these thatched-roof palapa bus stops on the Caribbean coast. Since the Toledo district grows quite a bit of cacao, I couldn’t pass through without stopping by a chocolate factory, though its claim to be the chocolate center of the universe may be a bit hyperbolic.

Overall, Punta Gorda was great. Even with this year’s completion of the Southern Highway paving project, washed out bridges (like the one at Kendal) and the relative sparsity of tourist infrastructure will likely keep it a more relaxed and authentic experience than some of Belize’s other destinations.

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