Cute "Robotic" Social Experiment

I love that we’ll be talking about this experiment in my Cities, Spaces, and Power seminar this week.

Transportation Planning Workshop

Planning a new street network for Marshall's Creek, PA

Planning a new street network for Marshall's Creek, PA

Two consulting firms, one focused on urban design and one focused on transportation engineering, made guest appearances in my Cities and Transportation Systems class at UPenn last week.  They each gave informative presentations on what careers in those two fields are like.  After the presentations, they gave us a scenario that the two firms had worked on together: developing new downtown for the bedroom community of Marshall’s Creek, PA.  It was fun to work with a team of City and Regional Planning students to formulate our own plan for the area; it feels like my goal of playing SimCity for a job is one step closer.

The 50 Greenest Cities in the United States

Popular Science came out with its ranking of the 50 Greenest Cities in the United States.  Boston ranks number three and Cambridge number six.  I’m happy to see that Irvine made it at number 21, right behind New York City.  I’m not too confident in the methodology, however.  It seemed like they were looking for innovative techonologies and development more than practical and proven enviornmental approaches.  Philadelphia, with all of its mixed-use development and public transit, didn’t even make the list.