Massachusetts Bay and the Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 docked in Boston

Queen Mary 2 docked in Boston

Pictures from a flight from Bedford to Provincetown (via Norwood, Foxboro, and Plymouth) and back. The Queen Mary 2 was approaching Boston from the north on our flight to the Cape, and docked at the Black Falcon terminal on our flight back.

Northeast Corridor from the Air

Pictures from an unlimited-visibility flight up the Northeast Corridor, from Washington DC to Boston. The density of this megalopolis makes it perfect for real high speed rail.

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FIDAE – South American Airshow

Pictures from FIDAE 2014, an international air show in Santiago. Highlights included seeing a A-380 flying and maneuvering low, watching people pose with the Air Force pilots from Gringolandia, and chatting up private pilots from Chile and Argentina.

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Night Flying

Air Traffic Control Chatter – Gear Disagree Emergency

Minor excitement on my way home from TRB – go around on short final because of a gear disagree.

Air Traffic Control Chatter – KBED Tower, Oct. 3

Some real characters were on/in the air last Thursday.

Warrior 6 November Delta (N276ND), formerly registered to the University of North Dakota, inbound to Hanscom from Fitchburg, is shown in red in the video below. It works around jet traffic including a Challenger taking off and turning behind it, a Hawker and Gulfstream taking off before it lands, a 787 from Tokyo flying over in the Logan Class B airspace, and various other pilots with questionable radio behavior.


The Commodore Barry Bridge and Southeastern Pennsylvania after a morning takeoff from PHL

The Commodore Barry Bridge and Southeastern Pennsylvania after a morning takeoff from PHL

This weekend will be sandwiched in between two trips to the West Coast.  I was home last weekend and will be in Las Vegas next weekend.  While I’ve enjoyed some pretty aerial views, that’s way too much flying.  I’m on track to have made 21 takeoffs and landings in 2008.  Can anyone say carbon footprint?