Windy Walk

High winds knocked down this road sign

High winds knocked down this road sign

Yesterday, on my way back from University City High School, I decided to go for a walk in the warm, breezy weather.  As I had done once before, I alighted from the R3 at the Gladstone Station.  There is a nice park there, and it’s a block away from Baltimore Pike, which is a suitable street for walking or catching the Route 109 bus back to Swarthmore.  The 4.8 mile walk home ended up being a bit more adventurous than I had anticipated.  The wind was gusting to about 45 miles per hour, and I was walking straight into it for the entire walk.  The flying dirt hitting my face was fairly painful, and I was worried that a road sign was going to snap and come flying at me.  On the plus side, the hills and wind made for better exercise than would normally come from such a walk.  I also happened to pass a local sporting goods store which was having a sale on hockey equipment, so I decided to take the opportunity to pick up some new hockey skates.

Winds were forceful enough to shear these nuts

Winds were forceful enough to shear this nut


I'm on the far left, away from the puck (but still on my skates)

I'm on the left, far from the puck (but still on my skates) (photo courtesy of J Hui)

Last week was my first time playing ice hockey, thanks to Motherpuckers, Swarthmore’s intramural ice hockey team.  Emboldened by the fact that I didn’t fall when ice skating at Penn’s Landing two weeks ago, and drawing upon my games of pickup roller hockey in fifth grade, I decided I’d give ice hockey a try.  I had a great time, coming out of it with only one major bruise.

We played in three lines during the evening – Advanced, Beginner, and Comedy.  I tried playing at the Beginner level but ended up providing quite a bit of comedy in the tradeoff I discovered.  Staying up on my skates and getting near the puck seemed to be mutually exclusive for me.  While I’m definitely a long way off from being sex on skates, maybe I’ll at least be able to stay up and hit the puck by the end of the semester.