Irvine Shooting

Police Cruiser

Police Cruiser

Irvine Police were involved in a hostage situation with a  man who shot and killed someone 400 feet from my house today.  That’s the second shooting death in Irvine this year.  Is this the start of Irvine’s transition from suburb to slum?

Foothill South Toll Road Hearing

6000 people showed up for a NOAA (apparently appeals of state costal commission decisions go to them) hearing on Orange County’s proposed SR 241 Toll Road extension.  Some good converage, including discussion of induced demand, is availalable from Streetsblog.  I’m glad that Irvine’s Councilmember Agran showed up and voiced his opposition to the project.

The 50 Greenest Cities in the United States

Popular Science came out with its ranking of the 50 Greenest Cities in the United States.  Boston ranks number three and Cambridge number six.  I’m happy to see that Irvine made it at number 21, right behind New York City.  I’m not too confident in the methodology, however.  It seemed like they were looking for innovative techonologies and development more than practical and proven enviornmental approaches.  Philadelphia, with all of its mixed-use development and public transit, didn’t even make the list.