Reflections on Violence

My blog usually features pictures of buses, not long rants. But I hope you’ll take some time to read this post and follow some of the links (which themselves could take hours)

MIT's Green Building with a black ribbon

MIT’s Green Building with a black ribbon

“When children are terrorists, we are all terrorists.”

These are the words of a Yemeni man from al-Majalah in the documentary Dirty Wars (trailer below).

The words struck a chord, especially given the highly publicized string of violent acts that erupted in Boston two weeks ago. For me, his statement evokes three themes:
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Swat Blotter: Armed Intruder

Swarthmore Public Safety

Swarthmore Public Safety

I just received the following email:

Emergency Communication
An armed intruder was discovered in Wharton and has fled. No one was harmed. Police are on the scene. Watch e-mail for further details.

Bad news, especially after last month’s armed robbery.

Jersey Fugitive Captured

The crazy Jersey arsonist accused murderer fugitive was captured last night.  On Dudley Street in Roxbury, near where I work.  Time to send him back to the Dirty Jerz…

Last Update of the Night

T experiencing delays, dispatchers asking operators to hold connections and apologize to passengers for delays.

Route 8 is being diverted due to Boston Celtic Championship Celebrations. Boston Police have closed Brookline Ave. from Park Dr. to Beacon St.
Inbound Connections
can be made Brookine Ave and Park Dr..
Outbound Connections can be made at Kenmore Station.
6/18/2008 12:20 AM


EMS called for man who lacerated his arm by punching through vehicle window.

Officer yelling: “Foot pursuit!” [Dispatcher and other officers confused]

Outside fire, 1263 Tremont [police verify, report mostly boxes being burned in middle of street]

Possible Missing person, last seen in Waltham, reported at 267 Waverley in Belmont

Fire alarm, Broad and Water

Central Square (closest bars to me) has just been reported clear.  I’m going to sleep, though I’m sure the fun will continue…

More Mayhem from the Scanner

Officers currently sweeping Faneuil requested to sweep the large Government Center garage after they sweep the Hall.  People are setting up a party there with loudspeakers.

Outside fire reported at 6 Beacon Street

Power outage reported. Edison working to restore service.

Officer injured at Brookline and Fenway: Two ambulances requested.

Ambulance requested at 125 Tremont for a head injury.

Hit and Run

More cars needed at Brookline and Fenway and Longwood and Fenway.

Officers stop a large white bus with 20 people on the roof at 281 Newbury St.

Reported Vandalism, 90 Canal St.

Fire Dispatch: “Engine 4 has report of a man down, police, in Area A1.”

Hit and Run – Female struck by a vehicle at N. Washington and Endicott. Mass License Plate 420ZW (2004 White Ford Explorer, registered in Lynnfield), heading from the North End to Charlestown.  Confusion as to whether an officer is currently with the victim.

"We've Run Out of Officers Right Now"

Dispatchers try to send two units from Boston Common to Clinton and North to control a “large crowd”

Dispatcher then reports that two MBTA buses full of officers are headed down

Officers respond that more crowd control is needed.

Officer reports that Tremont St. is gridlocked and needs more officers.

Dispatcher: “Yep, we’ve run out of officers right now”

Officer: “Yeah, okay…We’ll start pulling dispatchers”

“Tremont St. is a parking lot”

Group of eight males on Commonwealth Ave near Charlesgate West heading towards Kenmore, “vandalizing” [I can almost see this spot from my building]

Department of Public Works needed to clean up a mess at the corner of Mass Ave. and Melnea Cass Blvd. [near my office]

The Dignified Celebrations Continue

Mass Ave. and Boylston (Just across the Harvard Bridge from my place):

Officer: “The diverting traffic here seems to be working – we’ve still got a couple hundred but they’re losing steam”

Fire Dept. investigating 239-251 Hanover St.

Fire Dept. responding to 204 Prescott

Transit Officer needed at Maverick Station

Shots Fired: Dispatcher using ShotSpotter: “It sounded like a high-powered rifle, possibly a 30-30 Winchester” [Later disregarded due to the “celebratory time” of the night]

Sending three buses to pick up officers at Boylston and Brookline [Directly across the Charles River from my place]

[Hearing lots of horns and sirens on the radio]