The Glass Smashing Starts

“Captain, we’re asking you to send three squads down towards the Garden”

Glass break alarm at 85 Canal St.

All quiet in Mattapan Square, but disturbance at 1450 Blue Hill Ave.

All traffic from Fanueil Hall is being directed up State St then down towards the common.

Traffic jammed at Congress.

Surface Rd. backed up towards North End and the Garden

[Meanwhile, I can hear the helicopters circling]

More Riots

Dispatcher request that officers “Stop traffic coming on Brighton Ave from Harvard Ave”

Brookline Ave is already closed down

T Dispatcher: “All operators please use caution.  We have a lot of people celbrating out there and they could run in front of vehicles.  All operators please reduce your speeds and use caution”

"Celebrate with Dignity

The Lakers just lost 131-92.  I’m glad that I replaced the antenna on my scanner radio.  Pretty awesome police action so far, and it’s only 12:25.  A lot of it is happening between the LMA and Kenmore, on the route I walked home from work today.  Highlights so far have included “throwing barrels,” fires, and police bus logistics.

Officer: “…fires…and we’re getting overrun”

Dispatcher: “I know they’re being overrun over there with the kids starting the fires and climing the scaffolding down there, but I only have one wagon to send”

Officer: “Meet us down with the gear, we’re gonna get suited up”

More coming…

I Can't Escape the Dirty Jersey

A fugitive from New Jersey is believed to be in the neighorhood setting fire to apartments…

Police believe that Prall may have set fire to a Broadway apartment building to smoke out a former girlfriend. Prall is said to frequent Boston and Cambridge homeless shelters as well as the streets of Central Square.  [from Bostonist]

Central Square is about a 15 minute walk away…I’ll need to be extra vigilant about crazy arsonists.


As annoying/intimidating/culturally insensitive as the LAPD and LA County Sheriff Department’s numerous helicopters are, it’s still a bad idea to shoot at them.