Massachusetts Bay and the Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2 docked in Boston

Queen Mary 2 docked in Boston

Pictures from a flight from Bedford to Provincetown (via Norwood, Foxboro, and Plymouth) and back. The Queen Mary 2 was approaching Boston from the north on our flight to the Cape, and docked at the Black Falcon terminal on our flight back.

Governor Patrick’s Transportation Plan

The Big Dig

The Big Dig

[Another blog entry I wrote for ACE:]

Governor announces Transportation and Economic Security Plan

February 23, 2009

At a press conference on Friday, Governor Patrick announced a broad set of goals for transportation funding and reforms. Although the proposed six cents per gallon of new gas tax revenue dedicated to the MBTA may not be enough pay down the $2.7 million backlog of system maintenance and repair, the Governor’s plan is a step in the right direction.  [Read More]

Governor Dukakis at Swat

Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, Swarthmore Class of 1955, gave this year’s Constitution Day talk yesterday. He was an engaging speaker, and it was informative to hear his views on the election, the history of abusing the Constitution during times of “war,” and the Bill of Rights. He apologized for not beating President George Bush in 1988, arguing (only half-jokingly) that if he had, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. He also shared some entertaining stories about his experiences living in Wharton, venturing into the Ville, and scheming on breaks.

Green Jobs Hearing

I sat through a four hour long hearing on green jobs at the State House today.  It was slightly ironic that they were discussing energy auditing, green jobs, and renewable electricity while the temperature in the room on an 85 degree day was about 55 degrees.  The rally beforehand was cool.  And at least it didn’t go until 3:14 AM, like the unfortunate July 25th, 2006 Irvine City Council meeting.

state hearing

green jobs rally