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On the Move featured on Bostonist.com


A website I maintain, bostononthemove.org, was featured by Bostonist today in a post about the MBTA’s debt.  I maintain this site for the Greater Boston Transportation Justice Coalition, of which ACE and TRU are members.

Governor Patrick’s Transportation Plan

The Big Dig

The Big Dig

[Another blog entry I wrote for ACE:]

Governor announces Transportation and Economic Security Plan

February 23, 2009

At a press conference on Friday, Governor Patrick announced a broad set of goals for transportation funding and reforms. Although the proposed six cents per gallon of new gas tax revenue dedicated to the MBTA may not be enough pay down the $2.7 million backlog of system maintenance and repair, the Governor’s plan is a step in the right direction.  [Read More]

Bills for MBTA Funding and Accountability

MBTA Buses at Dudley Station

MBTA Buses at Dudley Station

[Another blog entry I wrote for ACE:]

TRU legislation to stop fare increases and service cuts

February 20, 2009

At last week’s MBTA Board Meeting the Massachusetts Transportation Secretary James Aloisi, Jr. offered a grim look at where the T is headed. Without both reform and new revenue, the T is destined for “an endless spiral of fare increases and massive service cuts.” State lawmakers must act immediately and decisively to avoid: [Read More]

Green Line Extension Moving Ahead

The Globe recently published an article about broad community support for the Green Line extension to Somerville.  Community members are still fighting about the details, with a less than ideal amount of NIMBYism, but the project is moving ahead.  It’s about time, as this project has been in the pipeline for a while.  I wish it had been in place this summer, since it would have greatly reduced my travel time to Grace Episcopal Church in Medford.  Unfortunately, it has taken a lawsuit filed by the cities of Somerville and Medford and work from groups like STEP to get the state and the MBTA to fulfill their Big Dig mitigation obligations.

TRU on Morning Edition

The T Rider’s Union, a program of ACE which “organizes public transit riders to build a unified voice and movement for better public transportation in Greater Boston,” was featured on NPR’s Morning Edition today.  The five and a half minute segment entitled “Riding the Bus” covered MBTA bus ridership and debt.  Two of the people I worked with over the summer, John and Lee, discussed the MBTA’s subpar service.  Read the story here or listen to it here.

More Urban Ring Discussion

My friends at No Free Transfer have posted some more thoughts about the Urban Ring:

I’m all for a new transit line. Hopefully, it will draw people away from their cars and onto public transit. But the Urban Ring is going to be Bus Rapid Transit (or as some mocking call it, “Barely Rapid Transit”). Since the Silver Line debuted in 2002, I’ve wary of the whole concept. I’m still not entirely sold on the idea of a bus being considered rapid transit.

Silver Line Phase III plowing ahead

July 17, 2008

Preliminary boring along Boylston Street has started for Silver Line Phase III. Our friends at Switchback have posted an article on some of Phase III’s serious flaws. They summarize,

Construction begins in Chinatown for Silver Line Phase III

“What do we get with the current Silver Line scam? Less capacity, less comfort for more money than a rail line. Oh, and a few buildings might be put in danger, as well.”

The proposed tunnel project will cost more than light rail service, require the destruction of historic buildings for tunnel portals, disrupt traffic, and could jeopardize the structural integrity of structures in Chinatown and Downtown Boston. ACE and our partners, including On the Move and the Washington Street Corridor Coalition, are advocating for light rail service that would use existing tunnels leading from Boylston Street. This alternative would cost less and provide service “equal to or better than” the Orange Line Elevated Train, as the MBTA has promised to provide. Read more…