Staying One Step Ahead

I have been blessed in my travels so far, staying one step ahead of various incidents affecting the countries I have visited.

  • Belize
  • Rainy season flooding rendered the Southern Highway to Punta Gorda impassable at the Kendal Bridge.
  • Hurricane Richard left significant damage throughout the country, especially in Belize City.  At minute 20:23 of the news report below, the first hostel I stayed in is visible in the left of the frame, two doors down from a building that lost its entire roof to the winds. Click here to donate to the Red Cross, which is assisting with relief efforts
  • News 5 (October 25, 2010) from Great Belize Productions Ltd. on Vimeo.

  • After its cage was destroyed by falling tree in the hurricane, a jaguar escaped from the zoo and fatally mauled a US Citizen. The email warning I received from the US Embassy read:
  • Dangerous Animal Escaped from Belize Zoo following Hurricane Richard – Still Loose
    The U.S. Embassy in Belmopan is issuing this Warden Message to alert Americans that there has been an incident near the Belize Zoo involving a jaguar fatally attacking a person. The Belize Police Department is responding; however, the animal has not yet been recaptured. The Belizean Police have confirmed the jaguar escaped from its cage. All other animals at the Belize Zoo have been accounted for. We recommend U.S. Citizens avoid the area surrounding the zoo and stay away from forest areas for the time being.

  • Guatemala
  • Heavy rainfall led to extensive flooding and landslides after my departure. Passengers in a bus traveling the Interamerican Highway (along which I traveled) were killed by a landslide.
  • El Salvador
  • Violence perpetrated by the gangs that extort bus companies was one of my concerns about traveling through San Salvador. A few weeks after I traveled through, a new anti-gang law led to increased threats against bus operators, many of whom responded by simply cutting service for days.
  • Honduras
  • At least thirteen people were killed in a head-on collision between a bus and a truck on the highway between El Progresso and Tela (along which I traveled)
  • I hope that I continue to stay safely ahead of such happenings (or maybe that such happenings stop following me?)

    Mitt Romney – Just What Southern California Needs

    The AP reports that Mitt Romney just bought a house in Southern California.  My mom snapped this picture of him as he was passing through security at Logan on Thursday, probably on his way to go finalize the sale.