NJCL Convention: Day Five

World Series of Certamen Finals, moderated by Susan Schearer

The last day of convention was awesome.  Quinn was inagurated, so she is now officially the 2008-2009 NJCL Recording Secretary.  I played in the World Series of Certamen, winning the Yo Hablo Español award and helping lead my team to a 12th place finish.  And of course, there were some enjoyable secret NSCL rituals to finish the week off.

NJCL Convention: Day Four

Quinn is now the NJCL Recording Secretary elect!  She will be sworn into office tomorrow.  I got to help spot/scorekeep for a few rounds of certamen this morning in between my time spent preparing for That’s Entertainment, the Convention’s talent show.  That’s Entertainment has been on a bit of a downward slide lately, so hopefully this year’s show (which was scheduled to start seven minutes ago) will be a success.

NJCL Convention: Day Three

Today was a great day for the California delegation.  Our intermediate and advanced teams qualified for the certamen semifinals, and we won the Spirit of JCL Award for our Sailor Moon spirit costumes.  Mrs. Vasquez and Altieri received their farewells from the National Committee (retiring only so that they can cochair next year’s convention at UC Davis).  California’s candidate for NJCL Recording Secretary gave a great speech to the General Assembly.  I actually got a reasonable amount of sleep last night (which will defintely be corrected tonight) and have been enjoying myself working with the SCL on That’s Entertainment, tomorrow night’s talent show.  More pictures below:

Candidate speeches at General Assembly (courtesy of Teresa Yamauchi)

Candidate speeches at General Assembly (courtesy of Teresa Yamauchi)

This year's three retiring NJCL National Committee members: Mrs. Altieri, Mrs. Vasquez, and Mr. O'Neil

This year's three retiring NJCL National Committee members: Mrs. Altieri, Mrs. Vasquez, and Mr. O'Neil

NJCL Convention: Day Two

The pace of today felt pretty good.  Among other things, I helped pass out prompts in the essay competition, screamed my head off in a spirit competition, graded essays, watched certamen, and attended choir practice.  I think the highlight of my day was Nominations Committee, where my preferred candidate for NJCL Recording Secretary, Quinn, was named the sole eligible candidate.  She gave a great speech, and I know she’ll make a great national officer.

NJCL Convention: Day One

Monday of Convention was enjoyable and relatively relaxed for me.  I enjoyed being back in an opening General Assembly with the obligatory safety lecture and highlights of the Code of Conduct.  I also had the privilege of attending my first Sponsors and Chaperones meeting, at which I learned the proper procedures necessary to send kids home “at their parents’ expense.”  The food has been okay so far, and there are a lot of friends here that I didn’t realize were coming.  There has been a healthy dose of high school drama, but what would convention be without it?  Being able to work on random SCL (Senior Classical League, the club for Latin geeks who don’t move on after high school) stuff has been a nice break from the drama.  And I even got to sleep relatively early last night (don’t ask relative to what).

NJCL Convention: Day Zero

After a twelve hour bus journey with nearly fifty high schoolers, I have arrived at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  I will be here for the week attending the 55th annual National Junior Classical League Convention.  This is my fifth convention, and my first as a chaperone…in loco parentis anyone?  I will try to post updates throughout the week.