Reflections on Violence

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MIT's Green Building with a black ribbon

MIT’s Green Building with a black ribbon

“When children are terrorists, we are all terrorists.”

These are the words of a Yemeni man from al-Majalah in the documentary Dirty Wars (trailer below).

The words struck a chord, especially given the highly publicized string of violent acts that erupted in Boston two weeks ago. For me, his statement evokes three themes:
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Fear, Inc.

Excerpt from a great post at TomDispatch:

Since September 11th, terror in the US has rated above fatalities from shark attacks and not much else. Since the economic meltdown of 2008, it has, in fact, been left in the shade by violent deaths that stem from reactions to job loss, foreclosure, inability to pay the rent, and so on.

This is seldom highlighted in a country perversely convulsed by, and that can’t seem to get enough of, fantasies about being besieged by terrorists. [Read the full post here]

Rep. Campbell and the Whackos

President Obama!


I didn’t end up making it to DC for today’s historic inauguration, but watching with 250 fellow students here at Swarthmore ended up being pretty exhilirating (and much warmer).  Former Vice President Cheney looked absolutely neutered in his wheelchair, and his injuries provoked some cheers from the crowd.  Luckily, the shots of President Bush only provoked one thrown shoe.