The 50 Greenest Cities in the United States

Popular Science came out with its ranking of the 50 Greenest Cities in the United States.  Boston ranks number three and Cambridge number six.  I’m happy to see that Irvine made it at number 21, right behind New York City.  I’m not too confident in the methodology, however.  It seemed like they were looking for innovative techonologies and development more than practical and proven enviornmental approaches.  Philadelphia, with all of its mixed-use development and public transit, didn’t even make the list.

Comcast Center Dedication

I love the new Comcast Center, and I’m looking forward to checking out the winter garden.  Hopefully the building’s LEED green certification will go through.  It would be awesome for Philly’s tallest building (and the 12th tallest in the US) to be certified.  It’s good that my urban economics class introduced me to Inga Saffron.  I’m now quite a big fan of her, especially since she calls the tower a “giant flash drive.” I’ve always liked USB flash drives…

Spike in Transit Ridership

There’s been a lot of coverage lately about the recent increase in transit use due to high gas prices.  SEPTA Regional Rail is seeing 11% more passengers than last year.  Ridership on LA’s Gold Line has jumped 19% over last year.  The BBC recently covered the LA subway’s rising popularity.  Even Garrison Keillor is making fun of new bus riders.