Late Night Regional Rail!

SEPTA announced today that it will be implementing a wide range bus and rail service expansions, a welcome change from years of service cuts (Inquirer coverage).  The improvements, including additional buses and regional rail trains to reduce crowding, will all take effect by November.  I am most excited about post-midnight trains being added to the R5 Paoli/Thorndale, R6 Norristown, and R7 Trenton lines.  It will be nice to be able to return to Philadelphia from New York via NJ Transit and SEPTA a little later.  Rather than getting stranded in Trenton, I can take an R7 train 30th Street, an R5 train to Haverford, and catch the Tri-Co Shuttle to Swarthmore.  Ideally, late night regional rail will be a success and R3 service to Media/Elwyn after midnight will be available eventually.

Silverliner V Pictures

SEPTA’s new rolling stock, the Silverliner V, will probably be ready to ride before I graduate.  There are some pictures of the new trains here.

SEPTA, the T, and Mattapan AC

Mattapan Trolley

So the Mattapan Trolley AC broke on its opening day.  Though through personal correspondance with the Lone Rider, I learned that some passengers got to ride the air conditioned car during its testing the day before.  I’m not sure who this post at SEPTA Watch disses more, the MBTA or SEPTA:

This week the air conditioned trolleys were set to debut.

But the unveiling was put on hold, after the trolley’s air conditioning unit stopped working as the trolley approached from Mattapan…

And another transit agency learns the hard way about relying on SEPTA as your inspiration.

Swarthmore Borough Endorses R3 to West Chester

The Borough of Swarthmore approved a resolution in support of the R3 extension to West Chester.  The ville has to be good for something…

I think it’s a great idea.  SEPTA would get increased ridership, and it would be more convenient to get to Chesco from Swat.  And most importantly, R3 service to Wawa would be restored!

Spike in Transit Ridership

There’s been a lot of coverage lately about the recent increase in transit use due to high gas prices.  SEPTA Regional Rail is seeing 11% more passengers than last year.  Ridership on LA’s Gold Line has jumped 19% over last year.  The BBC recently covered the LA subway’s rising popularity.  Even Garrison Keillor is making fun of new bus riders.