Spike in Transit Ridership

There’s been a lot of coverage lately about the recent increase in transit use due to high gas prices.  SEPTA Regional Rail is seeing 11% more passengers than last year.  Ridership on LA’s Gold Line has jumped 19% over last year.  The BBC recently covered the LA subway’s rising popularity.  Even Garrison Keillor is making fun of new bus riders.

Bad Drivers

I’d better watch out now that I’m a pedestrian in Massachusetts.  Drivers here scored only a 75% on the National Drivers Test (compared with 77% for California and Pennsylvania).  Well, at least it’s not New Jersey, which came in last place with a D+.


Props to Metro Rapid

New York actually looks up to part of LA’s public transit system? Way to go, Metro Rapid. From the NY Times:

After watching New York City bus speeds struggle to the point where some Manhattan buses crawl at 4 miles per hour — only slightly faster than the average human walks — transportation planners now think that if they can make buses move even 10 percent faster, they can revolutionize travel in the five boroughs.

That’s right, just 10 percent.

In early May, a group of New York planners will visit Los Angeles to observe a program that has sped up buses there by 22 to 25 percent. The changes include designated bus lanes, straighter routes, easy-to-board low-floor buses, specially marked stations, far fewer stops, the elimination of schedules, and computerized signaling that gives buses priority at intersections.

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New York seriously needs to think about this…not that I’ve ever gotten screwed over sitting on a stationary bus in Manhattan…

Proposed Hub Tower Doesn't Fly Well with FAA

The proposed 1,000 foot Hub tower doesn’t go over very well with the FAA.

From the Boston Globe:

The Federal Aviation Administration has told Boston officials that, at 1,000 feet, the skyscraper might be an obstruction, possibly in the flight path of a plane aborting a landing at Logan and unexpectedly veering off over downtown Boston at low altitude, according to people involved in the development.

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Silly Logan flightpaths