Return from Virginia

Washington Dulles International Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport

I had a great trip to Virginia this weekend.  I went down on Friday afternoon, met my dad (who was on the East Coast for business) at Union Station, and took Metro out to my cousins’ house in Falls Church.  Highlights of my stay included getting to see my family, watching my youngest cousin’s ice skating lessons, and an apple crisp in honor of my upcoming birthday.

My return to Swarthmore was less than pleasant.  The general disgustingness of some people here is difficult to deal with when juxtaposed with a quiet, clean house and home cooking.   When I got back to Dana on Saturday night, there was vomit filling not one of the sinks in the men’s bathroom, but two of them.  It had been sitting there since Friday night, and nobody cleaned it up.  So I cleaned it up and unclogged the sinks, hoping that the bathroom would remain usable for the rest of the weekend.  Of course, now both of the toilets are clogged.

Vomit with cleaning powder sprinked on (click to enlarge - unless you just ate)

Vomit with cleaning powder sprinkled on (click to enlarge - unless you just ate)