Holy Cross Monastery


Holy Cross Monastery

This weekend, I went on a retreat organized by Swarthmore’s Office of Religious Advisors and Swarthmore Progressive Christians.  Eight of us drove up to Holy Cross Monastery, an Anglican Benedictine monastery in Upstate New York.  My time with the monks, incense, freight trains, waterfalls, ponds, Psalms, prayer, and silence was very centering.  I also got the chance to do about fourteen miles of hiking, including to Shaupeneak Ridge, Black Creek Preserve, and John Burrough’s Slabsides cabin.  I really enjoyed this time with the sunshine, deer, frogs, and scenic views.  Unfortunately, people were in too much of a rush to get back to take the Palisades Parkway, my favorite scenic drive in the country.  Pictures I took over the weekend are below.

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