I'm on the far left, away from the puck (but still on my skates)

I'm on the left, far from the puck (but still on my skates) (photo courtesy of J Hui)

Last week was my first time playing ice hockey, thanks to Motherpuckers, Swarthmore’s intramural ice hockey team.  Emboldened by the fact that I didn’t fall when ice skating at Penn’s Landing two weeks ago, and drawing upon my games of pickup roller hockey in fifth grade, I decided I’d give ice hockey a try.  I had a great time, coming out of it with only one major bruise.

We played in three lines during the evening – Advanced, Beginner, and Comedy.  I tried playing at the Beginner level but ended up providing quite a bit of comedy in the tradeoff I discovered.  Staying up on my skates and getting near the puck seemed to be mutually exclusive for me.  While I’m definitely a long way off from being sex on skates, maybe I’ll at least be able to stay up and hit the puck by the end of the semester.

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