PennPIRG Releases Transit Report

I’m becoming less of a fan of the PIRGs after I spent the summer two years ago canvassing for them.  (Working for the PIRGs’ fundraising branch ended up being an ideal summer job for me two years ago.  I enjoyed it and am glad that I applied and interviewed on a whim when they were on campus through Career Services).  PennPIRG’s latest report, entitled “Getting on Track: Good Investments for Pennsylvania’s Public Transit System,” had some good suggestions but was not particularly well done.

I’m glad to see projects like the Roosevelt Blvd. subway in Northwest Philadelphia and Regional Rail extensions getting some good advocacy.  The report summarizes basic information about the importance of public transit in a way that seems pretty formulaic (cf. CalPIRG’s report on transit).  What really bothered me was a misleading caption on page 20 of the report.  A picture of Amtrak Acela trainset 4/20/24 is shown with a caption that reads, “Highly successful high-speed rail service from Philadephia to Harrisburg could be extended to Pittsburgh.”  While the Keystone Corridor serviced by Amtrak is a designated High Speed Rail corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, I’d definitely be surprised to see an Acela trainset running along it.

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