Windy Walk

High winds knocked down this road sign

High winds knocked down this road sign

Yesterday, on my way back from University City High School, I decided to go for a walk in the warm, breezy weather.  As I had done once before, I alighted from the R3 at the Gladstone Station.  There is a nice park there, and it’s a block away from Baltimore Pike, which is a suitable street for walking or catching the Route 109 bus back to Swarthmore.  The 4.8 mile walk home ended up being a bit more adventurous than I had anticipated.  The wind was gusting to about 45 miles per hour, and I was walking straight into it for the entire walk.  The flying dirt hitting my face was fairly painful, and I was worried that a road sign was going to snap and come flying at me.  On the plus side, the hills and wind made for better exercise than would normally come from such a walk.  I also happened to pass a local sporting goods store which was having a sale on hockey equipment, so I decided to take the opportunity to pick up some new hockey skates.

Winds were forceful enough to shear these nuts

Winds were forceful enough to shear this nut

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I'm on the far left, away from the puck (but still on my skates)

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