Air Traffic Control Chatter – KBED Tower, Oct. 3

Some real characters were on/in the air last Thursday.

Warrior 6 November Delta (N276ND), formerly registered to the University of North Dakota, inbound to Hanscom from Fitchburg, is shown in red in the video below. It works around jet traffic including a Challenger taking off and turning behind it, a Hawker and Gulfstream taking off before it lands, a 787 from Tokyo flying over in the Logan Class B airspace, and various other pilots with questionable radio behavior.

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  1. Roni says:

    Thats pretty cool. Where do you find this stuff? I’ve been doing Air Warden in training in which I basically control a stack of aircraft and ensure deconfliction between all the aircraft in a perticular area and that is hard enough. Being an RAPCON or Tower controller would be crazy work!

    Are you getting to fly at all lately?

  2. ansoncfit says:

    Audio – live/archived recordings from

    Video – tracking for noise abatement from

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