Cool Trip Back from New York

Megabus at 30th and JFK

Megabus at 30th and JFK

This evening, I returned from a trip to New York that will be my last for quite a while.  There were some enjoyable highlights on the ride back.  Of course, I got stuck in an aisle seat and out of respect of others’ personal space (which some of my fellow passengers seemed to lack), I couldn’t lean over to the window and snap any pictures.  What I saw:

  1. While I missed the moonrise last night due to clouds, I got an awesome view of a huge full moon rising over Manhattan as we emerged from the Lincoln Tunnel.
  2. Around Exit 14-14C of the New Jersey Turnpike, the lights of five planes on approach to EWR’s runway 4R could be seen stretching out in the distance.  They appeared to form a downward opening parabola, with the closest light about to land and the farthest just above the lights of the Goethals Bridge.  It almost looked like the lights of the bridge were flying off and skipping over to Newark.  Very cool.
  3. One of the tall gas flares at the Linden Cogen Facility had numerous strings of lights attached to the top, spreading out to form a circle at ground level.  That’s right, an illuminated petrochemical Christmas tree.  Only in New Jersey…
  4. We passed about 30 utility trucks and cherry pickers with their lights flashing heading north on the Turnpike.  Quite the convoy of reinforcements heading up to get the power back on up in New England.

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