Summer Recap: Chipotle

Chipotle in Chicago

My roommate James was absolutely infatuated with Chipotle this summer, so I had it fairly regularly over the summer.  I’ve been on a long journey with Chipotle.  I initially hated it because the one in Irvine had undercooked rice and low quality food the first couple of times I went.  Since then, I’ve grown to love Chipotle burritos.  They’re large and the guacamole is delicious.  While the burritos at Anna’s are smaller, Anna’s also has the most amazing horchata I’ve ever drank.  In the Boston area, I ate burritos from the Chipotles in Davis Square, Harvard Square, Cleveland Circle, and Braintree and the Anna’s in Porter Square and MIT.  One of the highlights of my summer was taking a four hour lunch break with James to go get free Chipotle burritos.  The video below documents this epic trek…

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