Anson at Swarthmore – First Update

My last few nights in Irvine were of course spent packing and cleaning up my room. About half of my closet is now cleared out for my mom to use for her work files.  On Saturday, I drove everyone, including Rashi (Picture), to John Wayne airport. My dad and sister went to her soccer game, and my mom flew with me. Our flight for Las Vegas left around 11:00. The Las Vegas airport is one of my least favorite places in the world, and I had about a two hour layover. We then boarded the plane for Philadelphia and pushed back from the gate. The pilots had a slight problem with one of the engine’s alternators, so they pulled us back into the gate for maintenance to look at it. The mechanics gave us the go ahead and we pulled back from the gate again. Sitting on the tarmac, one of the generators stopped working, so the lights and air conditioning went out. It took the pilots about 40 minutes to reset all of the navigation systems after the power went out, during which time we were sitting on the tarmac with no air conditioning. We finally took off about an hour and a half late.

About four hours into the flight, the pilot announced “We’ve been able to make up some time. We’re over Pittsburgh right now and should be landing in Philadelphia in about half an hour.” Literally within two minutes, the cabin lights all turned off and the pilot informed us that we would have to land in Pittsburgh. We got the whole emergency landing experience, complete with fire trucks (Movie). We pulled into a gate, had a mechanic screw on the generator’s oil cap, loaded additional fuel, and took off about an hour and a half later. We finally got to the hotel about 2:00 AM.

In the morning I had breakfast with Elaine and her family, who had been visiting family in Washington, D.C. and were driving up to Tufts in Boston. My mom and I then drove out to Gettysburg to see the exciting electric map presentation (Movie, sped up 8x) and to visit one of her clients. We made back through three hours of heavy rain on the Pennsylvania Turnpike by about 9:00.

I slept in the next morning. My mom then drove me around buying various dorm necessities at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target.

Tuesday was moving day. I picked up the standard keys, ID card, etc. by about 10:00 in the morning, then moved my stuff into my room (Picture). My roommate, from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, had already been in my room for soccer preseason. My mom helped me unpack then left for her return flight. My dorm room has one of the best locations on campus (Map) and is one of the largest doubles available for freshmen (Picture). I then endured an array of introduction and orientation activities, including a blindfolded trust walk (Movie). One of the highlights was picking up my houseplant (Picture) from the arboretum. There were thunderstorms and tornadoes throughout the county, Delaware County (Map), Tuesday night. It has been quite rainy in general, especially with the remains of Hurricane Ernesto passing through. While I’m not quite used to the wet weather, I definitely prefer it to muggy weather.

Registration went extremely well. Everything was done online, so there were no lines involved, and I got all of my first choice classes (Schedule). Classes start Monday, and I’d love to hear from all of you soon!

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