Belize City – Photos

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  1. Carol Williamson says:

    ok – 13 photos – one taken from a bus, 8 with buses in them – you are on your way!!!

  2. Auntie Kathy says:

    Awesome photos Anson. How is Flat Stanley fairing? I know school doesn’t start until 9.9.10, but could you,please, take a picture of him in each country or city you visit? That way the kids can track you from the beginning. Thanks bunches. Looks like you’re in heaven with all of the buses. Continue the fun. Be safe. And have fun. Hugs, Auntie Kathy

  3. Rob Darrow says:

    Anson – It was great talking with you before you left on your trip. Looking forward to the photo journal of your journey! But, I don’t see Flat Stanley in any of these pictures? :-)

  4. Kathryn says:

    Auntie Kathy has you taking Flat Stanley around the world with you??? How awesome is that!!!

    I need to come up with something for my technology students to do with you too… *puts thinking cap on*

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