Belize Transportation Map – Subway Style

Belize Transit Map

Belize Transit Map

It took me a while, but I finally finished this map based on my travels in Belize. I tried to represent the majority of the country’s important bus and ferry routes in a transit-style map using the freeware program Inkscape. I had a fun time using the London Underground map as a guide, while making a number of changes (such as variable line widths to reflect varying service levels and larger diameter circles to represent transfer terminals). Download a high-quality PDF of the map here.

If you’re interested in similar transit-style maps (done much more professionally), check out these maps of Amtrak and the Interstate Highway System.

The Belize Bus Guide has helpful schedule and route information.

The map below shows the routes I traveled in Belize, covering the length of all four major highways (Northern, Western, Southern, and Hummingbird). For a map of the local routes I rode within Belize City, click here.

Belize Transit Map

Belize Transit Map (my travels shown in yellow)

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  1. […] A map of Belize’s national bus system that I made in the style of the London Underground map […]

  2. Roni says:

    This is really cool Anson! What an awesome way to map everything out.

  3. […] the one I made for Belize, the transit diagram I made for Nicaragua is not based as heavily on the iconic London Underground […]

  4. […] And, I have to include a link to this awesome Belize transportation map created by Anson Stewart last fall. This map is based on the London Underground map. What a cool idea! Check it out: […]

  5. tiffany says:

    thanks so much!!! i believe this will help alot. had a ton of trouble finding transportation information for belieze.

  6. Nita says:

    Thank you Anson. I bookmarked your map. It allowed me to finally make sense of all the places I’ve been reading about. If I go you can bet I’ll print it out. You provided a real winner here and a service to those considering a trip to Belize. I think all tourist attractions should provide it to their customers. I found the link on

  7. hello, good day

    great sketches in inkscape

    there is a need for more quality information on the bus system in Belize

    let me know if you might like to start up a project, for the travellers benefit

    ✩ Antonio ✩

  8. Larry Gamel says:

    How do I contact the water taxi from Dangriga, Belize to Puerto Cortes, Honduras? I want to make a round trip in March.. thanks for your help.

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