El Hospitalito


Altar at which Archbishop Romero was shot during the Eucharist

One of the most spiritual parts of my journey so far was my visit to The Hospital of Divine Providence in San Salvador. At the altar of the hospital’s small chapel, in March, 1980, Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated. Sitting in the pews next to the window through which he was shot, walking around his bedroom, looking at his bookshelf full of everything from biblical commentaries to his Toyota Corona owners manual, and seeing the typewriter on which he typed his sermons, I was struck by the lasting power of his call for justice and peace.


'I do not believe in death without resurrection' - Oscar Romero

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  1. Mary says:

    How amazing, Anson! He was such an inspiring man, and I can only imagine how it must have felt to pray in that chapel.

    And keep evading those natural disasters–I’d hate to miss out on any future blog posts :)

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