Flooding in Nicaragua

During my stay, Nicaragua’s two largest lakes reached record heights, surpassing the floods resulting from Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Cocibolca (The Lake of Nicaragua) inundated one town that is not expected to be recoverable for three years. Xolotlan (The Lake of Managua) flooded Tipitapa and many of the communities around its shores. Local news channels showed footage of the flooding and scenes from refugee centers almost every night. President Ortega’s approval ratings have increased during the flooding; the government’s response is well-regarded, as are the additional refugee-center jobs being created (largely for Sandinista party members). While acknowledging factors contributing to these record floods, such as unauthorized low-lying settlements and an antiquated storm drain system, the Nicaraguan president’s jury is not out on for the fundamental cause: world capitalism (and the climate change it causes).

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