Elaine, Pat, and I climbed Kilimanjaro, reaching the summit on 1/11/11. We climbed the Rongai Route, so our ascent was from the north of the mountain and our descent was to the south. The diversity of landscapes and habitats on different parts of the mountain was impressive.

I created a map of the route and added some of our photos to it. If you have Google Earth installed, download this file. Otherwise, you can view the map in your browser here. Click on each of the icons to see pictures of our climb.

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  1. Carol Williamson says:

    That looked pretty amazing!!!!

  2. […] thanks go to Krisha African Safaris for arranging the amazing trip to the Crater, our Kilimanjaro climb, and our tour of Mto-wa-Mbu.  It seems that many other tour operators do either safaris or climbs, […]

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