Lions of Ngorongoro Crater (Graphic Pictures)

The best part of our time in Ngorongoro Crater was getting up close and personal with two brother lions. They had killed a wildebeest right next to the road, providing a rare opportunity to view their feeding. Our excellent guide, Justin, who has helped coordinate National Geographic shoots in the Serengeti, was so impressed that even he took some pictures with his phone. Though we didn’t see the kill happen, it was fascinating to watch the resulting drama unfold throughout the day.

The power of the lions tearing apart the wildebeest carcass was awe-inspiring. They were lucky enough to get two meals in one, since the wildebeest was pregnant. As the lions fell into food-induced naps, the circling hyenas would slowly close in. Sometimes the lions would stir, leading the hyenas to initiate a charade of walking by with no interest in the carcass. On two instances, the hyenas were able to get up to the carcass and start feeding, only to be chased off again by one of the brother lions. We were hoping to stay long enough to watch the circling vultures land, but the lions were too reluctant to leave their prey.

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Ngorongoro Crater

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