Nicaragua Transit Diagram

Nicaragua Transit Diagram

Nicaragua Transit Diagram

In comparison to the one I made for Belize, the transit diagram I made for Nicaragua is not based as heavily on the iconic London Underground diagram. I am being more careful about using the word diagram instead of map, since in these images I aimed for representational clarity rather than geographical accuracy. I have been working on this diagram over the course of two months; a number of features made it more of a challenge to create than my first.  Including both English and Spanish introduced both translation and layout concerns.  I tried to make the diagram colorblind accessible by coding routes with two-letter service designations.  This coding scheme served additionally to indicate that certain cities were the final stop for at least some of the buses running along a given route.  I also included an inset to show local bus routes connecting Managua’s main terminals.

Download a high quality PDF here.

The image below shows the routes I traveled during my time in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Transit Diagram with the routes I traveled shown as dashed lines

Nicaragua Transit Diagram with the routes I traveled shown as dashed lines

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  1. […] between Managua and the outlying towns of San Marcos, La Concepcion, and Jinotepe (see the map I made), in peak hours they would pass the driveway to my house as often as every two minutes.  […]

  2. Eduardo says:

    This is a great diagram, however you should include how other cities outside Manaragua are connected with each other. For example, Esteli is connected to Leon, Matagalpa, and Jinotega. Other than, it’s a great diagram

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