Surfing and Turtles

After the tranquility of Ometepe, San Juan del Sur was a big change. A major stop on the Gringo Trail, the surf town recently finished hosting the crew of Survivor: Nicaragua. In my two days there, I was able to steer clear of most of the cruise ship buses, etc., and I managed to meet some great locals and enjoy my seaside respite from Managua.

UPDATED: I should note that picking up the baby sea turtles was done at the instruction of the park rangers. Because sea turtle gender is determined by the temperature during its incubation, and because this year has been so hot, park rangers harvested a number of eggs and allowed them to incubate in cool places to maintain a gender balance in the hatchlings. They gave us a basket of newly hatched turtles to take to the beach and place on the sand.

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